Alice in Wonderland

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Boys who ignore me can eat my butt cheese

It’s so easy to get caught up in the bad things
Why do I engage in negativity so much
You’d think I actually liked the black energy
And maybe I do. Since I keep on going back

It absorbs so much of you, you forget about the good things
To be kind to people, to be kind to yourself, to be happy and spread joy to other people because that makes you happy. I forget about achieving these things because I take a step back into the arms of certain friends, lifestyle choices, and being easily malleable. I engage in the hate talk, I don’t show my body love or myself.

Be happy. Be kind to one another.
My girl ellen knows what she’s talking about
Express gratitude. Show love. Be kind. It is not cool to be bitchy or snarky. It
Is not cool to fight and attack people. That doesn’t make you a stronger person.

So remember this, me, to strive to be a better person. Don’t forget

I absolutely love this. It breaks my heart to see the torment these girls went through because every single one is so truly beautiful